Tour Dates of the Latest Traveling Show!

Every year after its World Premiere in Los Angeles, the Festival (of) Inappropriation hits the road as a traveling program, screening at cinemas and institutions around the continent and around the globe. We keep a running log of these satellite screenings here, so you can keep up with us throughout the year.

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Festival #9 Traveling Show Tour Dates

March 10, 2017Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA, USA

March 16, 2017: Metro Cinema, Edmonton, AB, Canada

April 6, 2017: Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham, UK

July 2, 2017: Close-Up Theatre, London, UK

September 28, 2017: Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY, USA

January 30, 2018: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, USA

April 4, 2018: Railroad Square Cinema, Waterville, ME, USA