The (In)appropriators!


Jaimie Baron (Festival Director)  Jaimie Baron is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at the University of Alberta. Her work on documentary, experimental film and video, audiovisual appropriation, and digital media has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. Her first book, The Archive Effect: FoundFootage and the Audiovisual Experience of History, was published in 2014. She is also a co-founder of Docalogue, an online space for scholars and filmmakers to engage in conversations about contemporary documentary.


Lauren S. Berliner is an Assistant Professor of Media & Communication and Cultural Studies at University of Washington Bothell. Her research focuses on participatory media production practices, gender and sexuality, and pedagogy. Also a filmmaker, she has screened her work internationally and has facilitated video production programming for girls and queer youth. She earned her PhD. in Communication from UC San Diego, an MA in Visual and Media Art from Emerson College, and a BA in English and Anthropology from Wesleyan University.


Greg Cohen is an artist, Associate Programmer at Los Angeles Filmforum, and Lecturer in Latin American Cinema and Visual Culture at UCLA. His work in video, photography, and multi-media installation has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and draws on diverse intellectual and aesthetic interests, from landscape theory and aesthetic philosophy to cultural memory and experimental archives, and from the history and theory of architecture to the intersections of moving-image media and radical politics. As a founding associate of REASArch (group for Research on Experimental Accumulation and Speculative Archives), Cohen has also produced The Valaco Archive, an ongoing visual research project (, parts of which were recently featured in Limn magazine (

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img_1292Azadeh Navai holds an MFA in Film and Video from California Institute of the Arts, and a BFA in Graphic Design from University of Tehran. She creates 16mm and digital films with the focus on visual memory, its imprints through time and its fluctuations through age. Her films have been shown in a number of venues, including New York Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Mothlight Microcinema, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, San Diego Underground Festival and REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles. Her film Friday Mosque won the Jury Award at Binghamton University Film Festival (SEFF), and her other film Remembering the Pentagons was recently mentioned on Artforum. She also works as a freelance documentary editor in Iran and the United States.

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Dawn Fratini is a PhD Candidate in the Cinema and Media Studies Program at UCLA, and an Instructional Technology Consultant at the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities. Her research focuses on histories of technologies, particularly the development and implementation of cinematic technologies in Hollywood.

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dkissinger_headshot_cropDaniel Kissinger is a Masters student in the Cultural Studies program at University of Washington Bothell. An avid fan of horror film, their current research focuses on the intersections of race, memory, and haunting in the process of telling ghost stories. Outside of school they currently work in youth programming and empowerment for a non-profit in the Puget Sound area.


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